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Sheheryar Munawar Reveals He Was In Surgery For Two Months After A Deadly Motorbike Accident

akistani film and TV star Sheheryar Munawar has been away from the scene for quite a while. So much so that the star’s activity on social media has been absent for months. The unexpected MIA left the fans completely in the dark about the actor’s whereabouts. Well, the actor finally ended his social media break as he revealed the reason for being away.

Munawar revealed that he was inactive on social media for the past two months as he was injured in a road accident while riding on his motorbike from Gilgit to Hunza.

The Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay actor is definitely an audience’s favorite in Pakistan and when he goes missing in action, fans are bound to notice. So when he went missing from social media for a long time, the star received a similar reaction from his followers.

Munawar took it to Instagram to update his fans and followers about his recent motorbike accident. He narrated his ordeal saying, “So about two months back, I had taken a trip up North, and while riding my motorbike from Gilgit to Hunza I got into an accident.”

In his post, the Party Hut Love star revealed that he is recovering from shoulder surgery after suffering a motorbike accident. Moreover, he shared a detailed note giving updates about it.

Here’s what he posted on his official Instagram

Munawar actor used the opportunity to talk about the importance of wearing helmets as a safety measure while riding bikes. The Zindagi Gulzar Hai actor also advised young fans, “Kids take note; 1. Motorcycles are cool but very dangerous and 2. Always wear full protective gear.”

In addition to this, Munawar assured his fans that he had recuperated and was fully mobile now. He wrote, “Alhamdulillah, I am now out of my sling and fully mobile and up to no good again.”

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So I’ve been getting a lot of messages from from my facebook/Instagram family asking why I have been Inactive for the past two months. Well firstly, I apologize for being MIA. So about two months back I had taken a trip up North, and while ridding my motorbike from Gilgit to Hunza I got into an accident (may I just ad, right before the accident, I witnessed the most beautiful sunset and that Hunza is just 😍). If it wasn’t for my helmet/protective gear it could have been much worse – kids take note; 1. Motorcycles are cool but very dangerous 2. Always wear full protective gear. I had seriously messed up my shoulder (a dislocation, torn muscles and ligaments) and had to fly to London for surgery. I was operated upon a month and a half back and thanks to my amazing surgeon, DR Ali Noorani @theshouldersurgeon Allhdulillah I am now out of my sling and fully mobile and up to no good again 😁 A shout out to the amazing team at the @harleystreetspecialisthosp who made the entire process super smooth. Sequence of pictures: 1. Just out of surgery (still high on whatever cocktail they gave me) 2. An X-ray of my shoulder prior to the surgery 3. Dr. Noorani explaining what he’s doing (this ones graphic – don’t proceed if you don’t want to see it) 4. Some drilling (again graphic content) 5. What my shoulder looks like now – I’m basically like Iron Man now. 6. A video a friend of mine made of me, riding right before my accident. *some of the content may be considered graphic – viewer discretion advised.

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We wish to see him bouncing like his normal healthy self quite soon. Hope he recovers quickly from his recent surgery and does well.

Sending him healthy thoughts and wishes for the fastest recovery!

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