She-Hulk Series To Tease Romantic Chemistry Between Her & Daredevil?

She-Hulk’s episode 6 is just two days away. Fans couldn’t be more excited to witness Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in the series. It’s already known that in She-Hulk, the lighter version of his character will be focused on.

Daredevil will also be getting a new costume that is maroon & golden different from its Netflix series. As Marvel Studios have completely rebooted the street superhero, so it will have no connection to its past web series.

In episode 5, a Daredevil hint was given which confirmed his arrival in the next episode. When She-Hulk arrives at Luke Jacobson for new clothing that fits her superhero and human version. A close-up shot shows a parcel yet to be delivered to someone. It had Daredevil’s new mask.

During the D23 expo, a shocking clip of both superheroes teased something very unexpected. Let’s find out what the clip was about.

She-Hulk & Daredevil Romance?

The clip shown at the D23 expo to the Anaheim audience teased the romance between She-Hulk & Daredevil. So the clip is like, both the superheroes were arguing about goon and henchmen on the rooftop. Jennifer Walters was in her human form whereas Matt Murdock was his alter ego ‘Daredevil’.

As Daredevil fans already know his senses are quite strong and he’s able to listen to people’s heart beating. So as their conversation continues, Jennifer speaks about this listening to heartbeat skill of Daredevil. To which the superhero responds, ” I can hear yours too. Your heart’s beating pretty fast.” Both shares a glance indicating their romantic chemistry. Jennifer looks quite longer than Daredevil does. Later, the clip is focused more on fighting the goons. Matt says Jennifer to stay as the goons have guns but she denies it as She-Hulk can take on a bullet and it won’t even harm her.

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