She-Hulk Episode 6 Indirectly Introduces Two Villains Of Upcoming Marvel Films

Spoilers Ahead!

She-Hulk episode 6 is here! Some fans are disappointed they didn’t get to see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. As in this episode, it was quite expected that he’ll appear. After episode 5 teased his Daredevil mask.

Even though episode 6 was a ‘Just Jen’ wedding episode. This episode sets up two upcoming films in the MCU. How and when we will see this further in this article. Before that let’s rewind a little bit.

In episode 3 at the end, goons come near Jennifer Walters to attack her. But she manages to beat them all by turning into her Hulk form. The goons come to get her Gamma irradiated blood to form maybe formulas. But they fail miserably as her Hulk-form skin doesn’t let the needle penetrate in her skin.

Now in episode 6, there are some huge revelations made about these bad guys who are behind Jennifer Walters. By the end of the episode, Nikki and Mallory find something related to She-Hulk on the website name ‘Intelligencia’. As observed first Intellegencia was assumed to be a superhero fan website type of. But as Nikki logs in, she gets to know someone named ‘Hulking’ keeping an eye on every move of Jennifer Walters. On the site, we see a lot of hate & death threats about She-Hulk.

The scene changes to someone in a lab keeping an eye on Jennifer Walters at the wedding planning their next move to steal the blood. According to the comics, Intelligencia is one of the most dangerous teams of Marvel. The team includes supervillains like M.O.D.O.K, Doctor Doom, The Leader, Egghead, and others. This Sinister group is good at conducting criminal activities and information exchanges to defeat these superheroes.

Credits: Marvel Studios

As we all know, Captain America New World Order, revealed its villain to be ‘The Leader’. It’s also known as Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania will bring back M.O.D.O.K as a villain. So the she-hulk series might be a setup for these villains for the upcoming films.

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