Sharon “Champagne” Terry: A Modern-Day Renaissance Woman Breaking the Boundaries of Possibilities News

Sharon “Champagne” Terry: A Modern-Day Renaissance Woman Breaking the Boundaries of Possibilities

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Time icon July 4, 2021

Living an extraordinary life is not measured by how many skills an individual possesses. It is instead a measure of how those skills have impacted the lives of people around you. One of such individuals pushing against boundaries and using her many talents to impact the lives of those around her is Sharon Terry, a.k.a  Champagne, born and raised in Rochester, NY.

Sharon Terry, best known as Champagne, is a polymath, a one-percenter with vast interests and skills. Like her moniker implies, Champagne is a sparkling powerhouse of talents and accomplishments. She is a talented actress, author, screenwriter, model, motivational speaker, executive producer, entrepreneur, creative director and owner of Champagne Books, and screenwriting trainer at Coach John Screenwriting Academy. Her recent project is a TV pilot, “The Goddess’ ‘ which airs in the fall on MJOWN Network on Roku.

With several credits to her name, Champagne has made her mark in the acting industry with several comedy films, short movie adaptations, and TV Series. Her recent acting credit includes the role of “Vanessa” in the comedy Unc Trent “I’ll Drink to That”, a web series “In Between Jobs,” and” “Living the Dream (film).” Making a quick and seamless switch from an actress to an author, Champagne the author recently wrote an urban fiction release, “The Goddess of Lust, Love and Infatuation Part 1”, “Blissful Lust Part 2” and anthologies “Dark Memories” and “The Crossover.”

In addition to her prominent acting and writing skills, Champagne is also versed in on-air discussions. She is acclaimed on primary radio interviews on the following shows: the Vibrating Radio, Good Deeds Radio, DJ Gatsby Show, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio program On the Rise Radio, Face the Reality Radio, Highly Unique Radio, The Authors Show, African Online Broadcasting, Big Body Broadcasting, The Situation Room, WXIR 100.9, HOT914 &TPN Live, along with media personalities Seleah Simone &Nikki Rich and many more.

Her track record of excellence has been closely followed and acknowledged by peers and fans alike. She has been nominated twice as “Author of The Year” in the “Roku Awards,” “Top Female Author of 2019,” & the “Author Academy Awards.”

On top of her many accomplishments, this talented lady also owns and manages a publishing print. She also represents Haas Entertainment as a plus-size runway model. She has graced the stages of several high-profile fashion shows that include “The night of Elegance & “The Summit” in New York City during world-renowned Fashion Week. A sought-after motivational speaker,  Champagne inspires others and encourages them that pursuing multiple dreams is a possibility through hard work and sheer perseverance. When asked about her motivations, she says, “As a plus-size model, I have advertised many brands then I had a light bulb moment. I am the brand, and the brand is me.”

In the coming years, Sharon “Champagne” Terry continues to set her goals forward and aims to dominate the film industry and be creative in every aspect of her life.

To learn more about Champagne Books and the renaissance woman behind the publication, visit the company’s official website. You can also follow Sharon “Champagne” Terry on Facebook and Instagram.

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