Sharib Hashmi on controversy of TFM 2: Creative freedom should not be removed from us News

Sharib Hashmi on controversy of TFM 2: Creative freedom should not be removed from us

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Time icon June 8, 2021

The much-anticipated web series The Family Man 2 has sparked controversy, with many people claiming that it represents Tamils in a terrible way and even calling for the show to be banned. Sharib Hashmi, a significant character in the series, criticizes how such things inhibit the creative process.

“I don’t understand why it has to be considered objectionable. “I don’t want to see creative people thinking that if we write this, it’ll be an issue, what if we upset someone,” he says. If that’s what’s going through their heads, they won’t be able to do credit to the story, the subject, or the creative process.”

Creators Judgement

The spy series, which also stars Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, and Samantha Akkineni, has been receiving positive reviews since its debut last week.

The 45-year-old believes it is critical for viewers to have faith in the show’s creators and their judgement. “They are really responsible filmmakers and realise that the subject is tricky,” he says of The Family Man directors Raj Nidioru and Krishna DK. They’ve done a lot of research, put in a lot of effort, and worked on the script for years. They didn’t make this only to cause a ruckus.”

From JK’s View

Hashmi, whose character JK Talpade from the series has become a household name, also says that Tamilians were involved in the creative process to make sure that no culture was misrepresented.

“They vetted the series to ensure there was nothing offensive in it. Even the OTT platform (where the series debuted) was cautious and strict, with a self-regulation policy in place. “We have no intention of harming any place, community, or religion,” the actor declares. He also pushes for a certain level of harmony in which filmmakers and audiences can cooperate.

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