Shaq Just Slid Into A College Girl’s DM To Boast About His Talents

Shaquille O’Neal reportedly came under fire for bragging about his various accomplishments while sneaking into a college girl’s direct message.

Snoop Dogg would have to tip his hat to Shaquille O’Neal for his indulgence in virtually every aspect of entertainment. For 19 years, the Los Angeles Lakers icon ruled the NBA hardwood, winning MVPs, titles, and a place in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

However, Shaq entered the world of investing and sponsorships while he was still in the league, working on projects like marketing pregnancy tests and fitness facilities. The Big Aristotle has essentially been splattered throughout every sector there is in the world.

Despite having a net worth of $400 million, Shaquille O’Neal also works a second job. He made a name for himself as the finest rapper in the NBA at the start of his career and received a Platinum album as a result.

In the years after his retirement, Shaq has become a popular DJ who performs at events all across the nation.

Shaquille O’Neal enters the DMs.

An old interaction between Shaquille O’Neal and a college girl from five years ago has surfaced again as a result of the Ime Udoka scenario now playing out in the NBA. There is nothing to be afraid about; nothing untoward is going to happen.

In essence, a girl tagged Shaq on her Instagram story to show off how much fun she was having and to inquire, “WTF Shaq, I thought you played basketball!” She was perplexed when O’Neal discreetly replied to her over DMs, “You thought wrong.”

Given that he and his wife are not together, what is depicted above may be interpreted as flirting, and that is perfectly OK. Though it is funny to imagine that Shaquille O’Neal sent a photo of himself dressed as a police officer to an unidentified female who liked his programme.

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