Shanghai Film Festival Gets Cancelled Due to Covid

Shanghai Film Festival Gets Cancelled Due to Covid

The most prestigious film festival of China, which is the Shanghai International Film Festival, has been officially cancelled this year due to the covid crisis. The prestigious film festival is normally held during the mid-June. As per the reports, it is said that the upcoming 25th edition of the film festival will be held in the next year.

The cancellation of the film festival came up, due to the continuing problems and the difficulties under with the film industry is currently operating in China. Back in 2020, the film festival had moved its dates from June to August as because the cinemas endured a five-and-a-half-month period of closure running from late January to early July. 

Whereas, in the 2021 the organizers had considered the moving of festival to July. During the end, with the normal June slot, albeit with the country’s operating under the significant travelling rules restrictions. Which involved, the two week of quarantine period paid for at travelers’ own expense and potentially intrusive virus testing regimes, as per the reports.

The organizers of the prestigious film festival, also said that they would try to put up the film’s events during the second half of this year if the conditions permit.

The Organizers Mentioned About Holding the Event Next Year

The organizers of the film festival released a statement and said, “Due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee has decided that the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival originally scheduled to be held in June 2022 will be postponed to next year.”    

The organizers further said, and continued, “We would hereby like to express our heartfelt thanks and sincere apologies to people from all walks of life who care and support the Shanghai International Film Festival. They further concluded by saying, If conditions permit, we will plan and hold relevant film festivals and themed events in the second half of this year to share the pleasant experience brought by film art and film activities.”


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