Shane Dawson had a dramatic response to Tati’s video and people are not happy

If you don’t know about the latest Dramageddon or Karmageddon, as people are calling it, on Youtube, then you are sleeping under a rock. Tati Westbrook recently released an explosive video on Youtube apologizing for her role in her 2019 feud with James Charles. What shocked fans was Westbrook admitting that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star “used, coerced, and manipulated” her into uploading the infamous “Bye, Sister” video. Needless to say, the internet went crazy to see their favorite beauty influencers involved in yet another scandal. Names were dropped as an emotional Tati, who could barely contain her tears, narrated the trauma she went through revolving the feud for the past year. Westbrook made a number of accusations. Right from the duo being jealous of Charles’ success to being manipulated, Gaslit and lied on by the pair. 

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“You’re fake crying!”

We were not the only ones witnessing everything falling apart. Shane Dawson, along with the rest of the beauty community watched as Tati broke her silence. Needless to say Dawson was extremely upset. In fact, Shane was so overwhelmed by the whole fiasco which was unfolding, that he took to Instagram in what can only be described as a messy live video. Over 250,000 people witnessed as a red faced, visibly upset, Dawson cussed in sheer disbelief over Tati’s accusations.

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He was seen pacing around his hall, exclaiming “Oh my god,” repeatedly. In a since-deleted Instagram live video, Shane Dawson denied Westbrook’s claims. He said that it was Westbrook instead, who was being manipulative. Tati continues, discussing how her past sexual assault shaped her reaction to Jeffree and Shane’s alleged statements. “As a victim of abuse myself,” Tati starts, but is cut off by Shane’s screams. “Oh my god, you are so manipulative. You’re fake crying! you are fake crying! that is not real! Oh my god.” Shane Dawson’s Fiance, Ryland Adams can be heard in the background of the video telling Shane to get off the live. He continued to rant at the screen as she spoke before abruptly ending the stream.

Shane and Ryland’s Tweets

In a since-deleted tweet, Shane Dawson said, “THIS IS A F—ING LIE AND I’M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!”


Adams also tweeted about the video, accusing Tati of many things while also calling her a “Master class in manipulation,” and a “two-faced Liar.”

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People on Twitter are criticizing both Dawson and Adams for speaking out so quickly about Westbrook’s video. Especially after neither of them spoke publicly regarding a recently resurfaced controversial video of Shane. The video shows Shane Dawson pretending to masturbate to a picture of 11-year-old Willow Smith. The Smith family was clearly not happy about the incident and called out Shane for being disrespectful.

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Many viewers are also deeply upset with Shane’s reaction to Tati addressing that she was a sexual assault victim. Shane seemed very insensitive as he said, “that woman is… fuck!” The youtuber then went on to say right after that he was a victim of assault, but this didn’t sit well with the viewers.

Dawson’s problematic past

Shane Dawson is no stranger to controversies. The documentary director published a lengthy video on YouTube on June 26 titled “Taking Accountability.” He apologized for his use of blackface and the n-word as well as for making jokes about pedophilia. It seems like a bad time for the Youtuber, as his mistakes have finally caught up to him. People are even going as far as to say that the repercussions are quite deserving.

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Target has confirmed that they would no longer be selling Dawson’s books. The company is “committed to creating an experience in which all guests feel welcomed and respected.” As of June 30, makeup brand, Morphe has removed all of Dawson’s collection from its website. YouTube has also demonetized his channels.

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