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Shah Rukh Khan pledges to support the child from the viral video who tried waking up his dead mother at railway station

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has stepped up to support a child whose video had recently gone viral on social media!

The lockdown has left a lot of people helpless. The ones suffering the most in this tough time are the migrant workers. They are left with no money, job or food. Recently, a video of a child had gone viral on social media who was trying to wake up his dead mother at a railway station. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has now stepped up to look after the kid.

His NGO Meer Foundation tweeted, “#MeerFoundation is thankful to all who helped us reach this child, whose heart wrenching video of trying to wake his mother disturbed all. We are now supporting him and he is under his grandfather’s care.”


Shah Rukh too shared it on Twitter as he wrote, “Thank you all for getting us in touch with the little one. We all pray he finds strength to deal with the most unfortunate loss of a parent. I know how it feels…Our love and support is with you baby.”

The video is question is of Muzaffarpur Railway Station where a migrant woman had died. Reportedly, she had died due to hunger, heat and dehydration.

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