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Shah Rukh Khan asks people to share spooky stories with him, invites ghosts as well!

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan as asked people to pen down funny yet spooky stories and share their entries with him!

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has given some really fun task to the people in this lockdown. He has asked them to pen down some funny yet spooky story and share with him.

SRK wrote, “Who doesn’t enjoy a good horror film or series? I know that I do! Since we all have a bit of time on our hands and have binged a lot of shows and films, how about we channel the inner filmmaking ghost in us to make a scary indoor film with an element of horror in it.”


He concluded his note saying, “I will be sending in my film as well… (P.S. – Ghosts are welcome to send their entries too).”

This is to promote his upcoming series Betaal, which will be releasing on Netflix on May 24th. Produced by Red Chillies entertainment, it has been directed by Patrick Graham and Nikhil Mahajan. We had earlier shown you the teaser of the series. It surely looks impressive and we are excited for it. How about you all? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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