Sex Education's Emma Mackey Talks Comparisons With Margot Robbie

Sex Education’s Emma Mackey Talks Comparisons With Margot Robbie

Emma Mackey, the star of Netflix’s Sex Education, has opened up about people comparing her looks with Margot Robbie.

In an interview with Total Film recently, the actress shared that she does not mind these comparisons. However, she did say she would love to move past it. The actress gushed,

“I don’t mind it. It’s Margot Robbie. Are you kidding me? She’s the best. I look up to her so much. I don’t mind the comparisons. But it would be nice to move past that.”

Fans have already been making comparisons on Twitter as they point out how the two have uncanny similarities. To make things more interesting, Mackey is actually a part of Margot’s upcoming venture, Barbie.

Elsewhere in the interview, Emma talked about these comparisons of their looks. She described it as “funny” and brushed it off as a joke. The actress appreciated Margot as she thinks her grace and humor have allowed Mackey to be a part of her film. Emma thinks they look nothing like each other in real life and says it’s a joke in “real life”.

Mackey had been compared to Margot’s looks long before she was even cast on Barbie. But ever since the actress’ was said to appear in the same film, the comparisons have only increased. Emma further talked about her upcoming movie, Barbie, and described it as “unexpected”.

However, the actress refused to reveal any more details about the movie. She said the movie is special and it’s one of the best scripts she has read. The actress added that it is unexpected in many ways and people are going to have an idea about it but it’s not going to be like that.

Emma further said, “It’s going to be a surprise.” But she did assure fans that there would be no crying as it is pure comedy. The actress also expressed her desire to work with Greta Gerwig, who is the director of Barbie.

Details about Emma’s character in Barbie are unknown so far. But as per reports, she has an important role in the movie.


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