Several WWE Stars Spotted At A Recent GCW Event Backstage

At the most recent GCW event, a number of WWE superstars were present backstage.

The vow renewal ceremony between Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green was the night two major event of GCW’s two-day special show Homecoming over the weekend. Top WWE performers Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins and The Miz were reportedly backstage at the event, according to

According to rumors, Miz attended to see his close friend Matt Cardona get married, while Rollins was seen watching the event from behind a curtain. That following night, both men would compete in a WWE Live Event.

Cardona’s marriage

Maven presided the marriage of the Cardonas, Maki Itoh performed live music, and Cardona wore an outfit that was modelled after Randy Savage’s “Macho Man” character. After Allie Katch, a regular in GCW, delivered a piledriver to Green and Nick Gage used a pizza cutter to sever Cardona’s skull, the programme would end.

After being injured in May, Cardona recently declared his return to the ring. The assault at Homecoming marked his first on-screen bumps in three months.

What does GCW stand for, and how does it vary from WWE?

Game-Changing Wrestling, or GCW. Being a regional organisation founded in 1999 that can draw crowds employing stars like Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder), Moxley, and death match legends like Nick Gage, they’re currently one of the hottest wrestling promotions behind AEW.

To summarize the differences. On the left is your Cardona from WWE, while on the right is your Matt Cardona from GCW.

PG? What is that? – GCW

Family-friendly, frequently not overly gory, and intended for a general audience. Unless you don’t like the bro thing, mostly inoffensive.

There are deathmatches and other shoot-style activities that appeal to the indie crowd. If you brought a child to a GCW event, CPS will probably give you strange glances. Right now, it’s the ECW of wrestling organizations. Even if they are not the only ones doing it, they are by far the most popular and have access to the biggest celebrities.

As is the response to any question of that kind. It all depends on personal preference, but if I had to pick, I would select GCW over WWE simply because I don’t normally like that corporation, and the more I hear about what they’re doing, the more frequently I’m reminded of this.

Checkout our latest news on Jon Moxley’s reign as the GCW World champion which might be come to an end.

GCW Thriving for now

With Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport, they have that shoot-style MMA blended with pro wrestling that you appreciate. You get to watch men and women who regularly practise that style enter the ring and put up some incredible technical battles. Consider the previous UWFi in Japan.

Legends like Too Cold Scorpio, Doug Gilbert, Jerry Lawler, and Action Mike Jackson have intermittently worked for GCW. Mick Foley appeared last night for the GCW World title bout between Moxley and Nick Gage, and as of the time of this publication, he still did. Mick even provided match commentary.

GCW is the closest thing they have to a current version of the classic ECW.

GCW has conducted tours in Mexico and Japan, and the promotion is chanted during AEW events when Moxley or the time Gage wrestled Jericho on Dynamite is featured.

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