Seth Rollins Teases Various Superstars As His WrestleMania 38 Opponent

We knew that Seth Rollins had a meeting with Vince McMahon this morning about the news program he was running and his ambition to get a card at WrestleMania 38 this coming weekend in Arlington, Texas. Now we know the outcome of that meeting.

Rollins walks into Vince McMahon’s office making a fool of himself, wondering what punishment he will face for his recent actions, so far and including his expulsion from WWE. Instead, McMahon throws a nail – “I’m surprised you didn’t get to WrestleMania – so many failures!”

Earlier this week on RAW, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon confirmed that Rollins will get “his own main event” this weekend, after footage aired of a meeting between the two. During the meeting, McMahon asked Rollins why he didn’t just approach him rather than “jumping through so many hoops” on the recent episodes of RAW.

It is being widely reported that Cody Rhodes will be the mystery opponent who answers Rollins’ challenge. When Rollins inquired about his mystery opponent, McMahon responded “Your opponent would be someone of my choosing. And you’ll know your opponent when you’re in the ring, and introduced.”

Seth Rollins has teased the likes of Veer, Shane McMahon, Mustafa Ali, John Cena, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam and Scott Steiner as his potential opponents this Saturday at WrestleMania 38.

Speculations and reports suggesting Cody Rhodes return to WWE

All this looks to be done to confuse the WWE Universe and Cody Rhodes might eventually be the opponent for Seth Rollins.

Indeed, PW Insider has reported that Rhodes has signed a contract to return to WWE, and that he signed a contract with WWE many days ago. In addition, the current plan is for Cody to start wrestling from WrestleMania 38 this weekend. This will be in line with what Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has been speculating / suggesting later.

It could be said that the rumored strategy of his supposed opponent wrestler Seth Rollins, who was currently making a story where he had nothing to do at the biggest show of the year and was frustrated with it. This is exactly what we will find on April 2 or 3 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. After WrestleMania Raw Seth Rollins now has a match at WrestleMania 38.

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