Seth Rollins Now Has A Match At WrestleMania 38 Against?

We knew that Seth Rollins had a meeting with Vince McMahon this morning in terms of the news program they were running and his eagerness to get a card at WrestleMania 38 this coming weekend in Arlington, Texas. We now know the outcome of that meeting, thanks to the following video that WWE recently released.

Rollins walks into Vince McMahon’s office making a fool of himself, wondering what punishment he will face for his recent actions, up to now and including his dismissal/firing from WWE. Instead, McMahon drops the nail – “I’m surprised you didn’t make your way to WrestleMania – so many failures!”

Then you wonder why Rollins didn’t just ask him for a spot at WrestleMania. He goes on to say that if Rollins is to be on the card, he will have to have his WrestleMania moment. So, with that being said, “Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins” will go to WrestleMania.

When Rollins inquired about his rival, McMahon made it clear that he would learn that once he is in the ring he said the opponent had been introduced. So, if it’s really Cody Rhodes as rumors have been reported everywhere, we won’t read that for sure until the night of the show. It is unclear whether that is WrestleMania Saturday or WrestleMania on Sunday but we will learn that soon.

Rumors, speculations about Cody Rhodes returning to WWE

Since Cody Rhodes announced his departure from the AEW, there have been rumors, reports, and speculation around the world of wrestling that he may return to the WWE. No journalist has ever had enough to report a possible incident.

Indeed, PW Insider reports that Rhodes has signed a contract to return to WWE, and that he signed a contract with WWE “10-14 days ago.” In addition, the current plan is for Cody to resume wrestling from WrestleMania 38 this weekend, which will be in line with what Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has been speculating / suggesting later.

It could be said that the rumored strategy of his supposed opponent wrestler Seth Rollins, who is currently making a story where he had nothing to do at the biggest show of the year and was frustrated with it, is exactly what we will find on April 2. or 3 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. After today’s WrestleMania Raw Seth Rollins now has a match at WrestleMania 38.

Insider also reported that Rhodes was expected to be on the ongoing Monday Night Raw list, which also supports the idea that he will be fighting Rollins. Cody Rhodes was not on WrestleMania Raw but his presence at WrestleMania 38 is highly expected.

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