Seth Green NFT TV Show Halted As The Titular Bored Ape Is Stolen

Seth Green is having a hard day after claiming that phishing scammers took some of his NFT monkeys. One very remarkable ape was abducted and subsequently sold to another user, which is bad news for him because Green had planned and constructed an entire new TV show starring the digital ape NFT. That TV show could be cancelled now that he no longer owns it or has the rights to it.

At the NFT conference VeeCon recently, Green teased a trailer for White Horse Tavern. The programme appears to be centred on the premise, “What if your friendly neighbourhood bartender was Bored Ape Yacht Club #8398?” It is a twee comedy. Green claimed he wants to envisage a universe where “it doesn’t matter what you look like, what counts is your mentality” in an interview with entrepreneur and crypto hype man Gary Vaynerchuk.

“I bought that ape in July 2021, and have spent the last several months developing and exploiting the IP to make it into the star of this show,” Green told Vaynerchuk. “Then days before — his name is Fred by the way — days before he’s set to make his world debut, he’s literally kidnapped.”

Green’s Stolen Apes Resold

In a phishing effort on May 8, an unknown fraudster stole four of Green’s NFTs. Green announced the loss of a Bored Ape, two Mutant Apes, and a Doodle, which were moved out of Green’s wallet after he unwittingly connected with a phishing site, on Twitter.

Motherboard reported that one of the Mutant Apes was sold for $42,000. The Bored Ape was also sold by the fraudster to a pseudonymous collector known as “DarkWing84,” who paid more than $200,000 for it, according to transaction ledgers. The NFT was then quickly relocated to the “GBE Vault” collection, where it presently resides.

Because the legal system is unfamiliar with NFT ownership, dismantling the copyright red tape in this case is extremely challenging.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, Seth contacted the new owner of the stolen Ape, Twitter user ‘DarkWing84.’ “Hit me up so we can fix it,” the alleged new owner is asked by Green.

In light of the recent downturn of the whole crypto industry, the response to Green’s revelation was less than sympathetic.

Seth Green is yet to make a follow-up statement declaring the status of his NFT show.


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