“Set Me Free Pt. 2” By BTS Jimin Is Now The Fastest Solo Song To Achieve 100 #1’s In iTunes History

Jimin, one of the most popular K-pop idols in the world, has broken yet another record with his pre-release single “Set Me Free Pt.2” from his first solo album FACE, which is set to release on March 24. The single has become the fastest solo song to achieve 100 #1’s on iTunes Worldwide in history, just hours after its release.

The accompanying music video for “Set Me Free Pt.2” is a visual feast, with Jimin at the center of the action as dozens of dancers glide their way through the gloriously choreographed drama. Loaded with snapping hip-hop beats and Auto-Tuned vocals, the song exudes a powerful and intense vibe, which Jimin explains was the key point of the track. He wanted to announce a ‘Jimin solo’ in an impactful way, and he certainly did that with “Set Me Free Pt.2.”

This achievement adds to Jimin’s already impressive list of accomplishments. Earlier this month, he uploaded his solo tracks “Promise” and “Christmas Love” to streaming services for the first time, giving his fans, known as ARMY, an early present. Additionally, he recently scored his first solo entry on the Billboard Hot 100 by joining Taeyang for the BIGBANG member’s new single “Vibe.”

“Set Me Free Pt.2” also joins “VIBE” as the only songs by Korean acts to achieve 100 #1 on iTunes Worldwide in 2023 so far. This not only highlights Jimin’s popularity but also the increasing global influence of K-pop. With K-pop artists continuing to make waves in the international music scene, it’s clear that the genre is here to stay.

Jimin‘s forthcoming album FACE has been highly anticipated by fans, and “Set Me Free Pt.2” has only increased the excitement. The album promises to showcase Jimin’s versatility as a solo artist, and with the success of his pre-release single, it’s safe to say that the album will be a hit.

To summarize, Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2” has achieved a record-breaking 100 #1’s on iTunes Worldwide in a short amount of time, proving his talent and popularity. This accomplishment solidifies his position as one of the top K-pop stars. Fans are excited for the release of his first solo album FACE, and based on the success of “Set Me Free Pt.2,” it’s expected to do very well.


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