Selena Gomez’s Nana Interrupts Her Tik Tok To Get A Tea On Her Breakup

Selena Gomez’s Nana is a show stealer indeed!. The pop singer is going to turn 30 this Friday. Selena shared a blooper video on her Tik Tok handle. In a humorous blooper video that Gomez released to TikTok, her grandmother interrupts her to inquire about a breakup. In the video, the singer is seen lip-syncing when her Nana appears in the background asking So, how’d you end it with that guy?” 

Responding to Nana’s question she said So, how’d you end it with that guy?. Sel responds coolly, saying, “Uh, I’ll tell you in a sec,” while maintaining a wide-eyed expression. She makes an effort to retrieve the footage but ultimately breaks out laughing because she is unable to maintain her cool.

It is not clear what Nana was trying to convey. However, we have a feeling that Gomez is starting a new tour around the sun with her eyes firmly fixed on the career game. Currently, she is busy promoting her web series with her co-stars. Along with that the executive producer and star of the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building have been busy promoting season two, creating new music, and, of course, expanding his empire in the beauty industry.

She was also spotted at one of the biggest weddings of the year of Britney Spears.” I think it was a day for love, and I want nothing more than happiness, and for her”, she said to ET. Talking about her presence at the wedding she said that the event involved the people who love her and that’s what matters the most.

Gomez told ET that she’s “working on it right now” and didn’t specify a release date for the follow-up to her 2021 single, Revelación.

In reference to her demanding OMITB schedule, she continued, “I’m in the studio, but it’s just been a little chaotic with this. I’m thrilled.” The actor plays a major role in the Only Murders In The Building web series and is a beloved character by the fans.

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