Selena Gomez’s Mental Health Journey Inspired Rare Beauty’s Unique Vision

The singer is ready for the world to see her new beauty line, Rare Beauty. Selena Gomez wants fans and followers to know that the launch of the makeup line is not to earn more money for her.

During a virtual press conference, Selena revealed that she is excited about the products to be launched. She reveals the reason that she created Rare Beauty was to challenge the beauty space. “I didn’t want to be just a celebrity attaching her name to something, because that’s definitely not my style. I would feel very disingenuous,” she added.

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Selena reveals that for her the beauty world can help with mental health and she wanted to explore this with her beauty line. She revealed that two years ago when they were having a conversation about the beauty line, it sort of merged with her mental health and the relationship that one can have with themselves.

The singer expressed that it is about the mind, body, and soul. Selena said, “I just know that there is such a stigma… I wanted this to feel like a community, where people talk about that and where they knew they were always welcome.”

Earlier this year, Rare Beauty made an announcement on Selena’s birthday in July. Selena also made a special announcement on her 28th birthday about Rare Beauty and what it will be doing. Prior to launching her beauty line, Selena has decided to give back in the most important way.


Selena revealed that Rare Beauty had launched the Rare Impact Fund. This fund will collect $100 million over the next ten years. Not just that, this money will be used to help fill the gaps in mental health services.

Rare Beauty Makes Mental Health Services Better

She revealed that from the first product sale onward, one percent of all sales will be directed to the fund. Also, funds raised from partners will be dedicated to the Rare Impact Fund. The Impact Fund aims to be the largest known funds in support of mental health.

Selena expressed her gratitude towards her team for helping her make the Rare Impact Fund in a statement. She said since she started the brand they wanted to find a way to give back to our community. The singer said she wanted to support people who needed access to mental health services. It has a big part to play in her life.

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Selena explained that Rare Beauty is focused on helping people feel more connected to one another and less alone in the world. Talking about the fund, she said it will make a direct impact on many lives and make a difference in the world. She further added, “I’m proud of the work we’ve begun to do with our partners to offer these services to anyone who needs support.”

The CEO of Rare Beauty, Scott Friedman, further explained their aims and goals to make it a better effort for mental health services. He said their goal is ambitious and announced their aim of collecting $100 million in the next 10 years for mental health. The CEO further explained that with the launch of the impact fund, they will create one of the largest ‘philanthropic efforts focused on mental health in the world’.

Rare Impact Fund Will Ensure Maximum Impact


Friedman also added that the funds will directly contribute towards increasing access to mental health services. Particularly, for underserved communities.

Rare Beauty has also created the Rare Beauty Mental Health Council, comprised of expert advisers from leading universities, organizations and companies focused on mental health. The council will guide the company’s aims to ensure maximum impact.

Some of the council members include Dr. Marc Brackett of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of the bookPermission to Feel,Dr. Scott L. Rauch, MD, president and psychiatrist in chief for McLean Hospital, and Dr. Jane Delgado of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.


Selena has always strived to raise awareness about mental health and its importance. During an appearance on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram live show, Bright Minded, she revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Selena claimed knowing everything about the disorder made her less scared.

Selena has revealed that her outlook about beauty changed when she started looking into herself and focused on her well-being. She shared that she has struggled openly with her anxiety, depression, and mental health. The Ice Cream singer said that therapy and the time off that she has taken to reflect on herself have really helped her.

She added, “And I don’t know if anyone can tell or cares, but you could just see the amount of happiness with what I do have and with what I’m blessed with.” However, she hopes that her fans and people who buy her products will look at the beauty world differently.


“I wanted to break that mold just a bit”- Selena

Selena also revealed that when she talked to some of her fans, she was “flabbergasted” that young girls think they need to feel and be a certain way. She said this thought makes her uncomfortable because these girls are young and they are worried about all these things. The singer said, “I wanted to break that mold just a bit.”

“And I don’t judge you, you should wear your makeup however you want to wear your makeup. But I think that’s when I started realizing that it’s about how you feel inside,” she added.

Selena also revealed her journey with makeup and talked about how she herself resonates with them. The Rare singer explained that her relationship with makeup has evolved since she started working when she was seven. However, she revealed that there have been moments even for her that she hasn’t felt the very best.

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The Rare Beauty founder admitted, “Maybe I’m self-critical, maybe I compare myself to other people. And that’s kind of the standard I wanted to break as well.” She also revealed that other than focusing on the beauty within oneself, her brand is made, keeping everybody in mind.

Selena explained that the brand is diverse because she wanted it to be everybody’s home. “It was beyond what the makeup is…,” she shared. “Making sure it’s also something that’s easy for you to use and for you to feel beautiful in.”

Selena is also releasing an array of makeup goodies along with the makeup itself. The initial launch features 48 foundation shades, 48 concealers, eight liquid blushes, eight liquid highlighters, 12 liquid lipsticks, eight lip balms, eight brow pencils, a liquid liner, a primer, a face mist, a touch-up set, and three tools.

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Selena has expressed that, “For this one, we wanted to start with a pretty broad range of selections. Because I want everyone to pick and choose.”

Rare Beauty hits its website and Sephora on September 3 at midnight EST. Along with buying the beautiful products which are cruelty-free, you not only get to grab some other goodies but also one percent of the money will go to Rare Impact Fund, for the betterment of mental health.


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