Selena Gomez Thanks 'Best Friend' Francia Raisa for Life-Saving Gift Amid Feud Rumors

Selena Gomez Thanks ‘Best Friend’ Francia Raisa for Life-Saving Gift Amid Feud Rumors

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez’s friendship has had its ups and downs over the years, but it appears like the two are finally on good terms again. In a recent interview for Apple TV+’s ‘Dear…,’ Selena thanked Francia for giving her kidney to her in 2017 during her lupus struggle. Selena emphasized her thanks, adding that she would never be more in debt to a person than Francia, and highlighted how blessed she felt that Francia didn’t even second-guess being a donor.

Nevertheless, their connection reached a snag in November 2018 when Selena referred to Taylor Swift as her “sole friend in the industry” in a Rolling Stone story and didn’t mention Francia at all. Francia expressed her dissatisfaction in the comments area of an E! News piece, writing “interesting” and unfollowing Selena on Instagram. The singer replied by commenting on a TikTok video and apologized for not listing everyone she knows.

Despite the turmoil, Selena and Francia have been friends since 2007 when they met at a charity event. According to Francia, they “clicked” right away and have supported each other’s work throughout the years. In 2017, Francia gave her kidney to Selena, who publicly praised her for the lifesaving donation and dedicated her Billboard Woman of the Year award to her.

Their disagreement was allegedly caused by Francia’s anxiety over Selena’s “unhealthy choices” post-transplant, but they appear to have moved on. On March 2021, Selena issued a touching letter on World Kidney Day; thanking Francia and announcing the end of their rivalry.

It’s apparent that Selena and Francia’s friendship has had its ups and downs; but their bond appears to be stronger than ever. Selena referred to Francia as her “best friend” in the Apple TV+ interview; so the rumors about their animosity may be put to rest for the time being. Their friendship exemplifies the power of altruism and the value of supporting one another through life’s difficulties.


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