Selena Shares Make-Up-Free Selfies After TikTok Fiasco

Selena Gomez Shares Make-Up-Free Selfies After TikTok Fiasco

Selena Gomez is making it clear that she will not be stopped by any negativity as she showcases her latest Instagram post. The famous singer and actress, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe, shared a series of images showing her in a simple, relaxed state, sans makeup.

The images depict her lounging in a casual crewneck sweatshirt; with the final photograph showing her leaning against the trailer door; while on set for Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building.

Despite facing criticism over a makeup tutorial she posted earlier this week; Selena is unapologetic and unbothered as she showcases her natural self. She accompanied the pictures with a simple one-word caption, “Me.”

Her makeup tutorial video received attention due to comments pointing out her shaking hand; to which she responded in good humor, jokingly writing that she shakes because of her lupus medication.

It’s been six years since Selena revealed her lupus diagnosis; and she also underwent a kidney transplant in 2017 due to the autoimmune disease. The TikTok video that called out her hand is trembling has since been deleted.

With the addition of Meryl Streep to the cast of Only Murders in the Building; the third season is shaping up to be a hit and Selena is making it clear; that she is more focused on her work and not letting any negativity bring her down.


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