Selena Gomez Says She is ‘Grateful’ and ‘Excited’ For her Debut as Host in SNL

Selena Gomez Says She is ‘Grateful’ and ‘Excited’ For her Debut as Host in SNL

Singer Selena Gomez is all set to make her debut as a host for SNL on May 14. The singer will be taking the stage along with musical guest and co-host Post Malone. The 29 year old singer shared her excitement as she can’t wait. Gomez took to her instagram account where she made a post by sharing the photo and captioned at as “Mom … I think I’ve made it 😭” so grateful and so excited. See you May 14!!!” 

Even the photo received also received a lot of loving comments from the fans and the followers. As her fans are also extremely excited as much as her to watch her as the host of the comedy show.

Selena’s mother Mandy Teefey on seeing the post of her daughter as she commented on the post and wrote, “You are going to own this!!! You have beyond made it, love!! XO.”

Even after that all the singer’s close friend Camila Cabello also added saying “YESSSS BITCH.” The singer recently posted a hilarious tik tok video where both of them were seen doing a recreation of a funny party scene.

Steve Martin and Martin Short also have a great SNL histroy

The singer is making her debut as the host for the very first time it is sure that she is defiantly going to receive a lot of love and support from her “Only Muders in the Building”, as her costars Steve Martin and Martin Short as they have also been comedy genius and even have a great SNL journey.

Talking about their journey and history in the SNL Steve Martin has hosted 15 times since the year of 1976 whereas on the other hand, Martin Short was a cast member in season 10 from 984 to 1985 and he has also hosted the show for three times. 

Whereas this would be the very first time for the 29-year-old singer to mark her debut as the host for the “Saturday Night Live”, on May 14, and the “Only Murders in the Building” season is going to premiere on Hulu on June 28 2022         





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