Selena Gomez To Play First Openly Gay Woman To Complete The Seven Summits Challenge

Selena Gomez is set to play an accomplished mountaineer Silvia Vasquez-Lavado in the upcoming movie about the explorer. Silvia is the first openly gay woman to complete the Seven Summits challenge. She is also the first Peruvian woman to summit Mt. Everest.

The film adaptation of the mountaineer’s memoir will star Selena according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie will be called Shadow of the Mountain which the same name as the memoir.

Silvia completed the challenge to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents called the Seven Summits. The mountaineer took years to complete the challenge. She was inspired to complete it after the death of her partner Lori.

After accomplishing her challenge she took to her Instagram to reveal her achievement. She posted a picture of herself on top of Denali. The mountaineer announced in the caption that as she summitted in Denali, she became the first openly gay woman who completed the seven summits.

Silvia further wrote, “and thus my very special dedication to equality around the world and to love is love!” She added that “the tallest mountains in the world do not discriminate and if anything they’ve welcomed” her and her honoring Lori with open arms. The mountaineer continued, “Here is to the fight for equality, to enduring Love Is Love!”

Silvia is also vocal about helping abuse survivors cope through mountaineering as she is a survivor of childhood assault herself. The mountaineer has revealed how climbing has helped her heal. She has an organization called Courageous Girls to help other women who have suffered abuse. The mountaineer was inspired to launch the organization after climbing Aconcagua.

Selena To Produce & Star In Horror-Thriller Movie

“Silvia, you have to keep on this journey,” the voice told her, according to REI. “You also made a social promise. You’re going to bring survivors of sexual violence from San Francisco [where she was living] and Nepal to the base of Everest so they can find the courage and strength, the same way you did.”

The mountaineer’s memoir, Shadow of the Mountain will be published in the winter of 2022. The film will be directed and written by Elgin James.

Selena Gomez is also set to produce the upcoming psychological horror-thriller, Dollhouse. The singer will be working behind the camera, however, it is reported that she has her eyes set on the leading role of the thriller movie. The horror flick is written by up-and-coming, Michael Paisley.

Adam Fogelson, the chairman of STXfilms said that the singer’s involvement is an exciting direction for this project. Selena currently works as an executive producer for her own show, Selena+Chef. The chairman shared that teaming Selena with Shawn and Dan’s expertise; in the horror-thriller genre will elevate the production of Dollhouse.

He said they are extremely thrilled by the way this is being developed. The film has already drawn comparison to 2010’s Black Swan. However, they have kept the plot of the film under wraps.

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The Rare Beauty founder has previously executive produced 13 Reasons Why, Hotel Translyvania 4, Broken Hearts Gallery, and Living Undocumented. Selena has been keeping super busy during quarantine as she films her own show Selena+Chef and also launched her beauty make-up line, Rare Beauty.

She launched the line back in September and has received a lot of praise for the products and the message behind it. In an initiative to raise awareness for mental health, she recently admitted in a candid chat that she has been feeling a little depressed lately.

In an Instagram live with Dr. Vivek Murthy, who was a surgeon general from 2014-2017, the actress marked World Mental Health Day. When asked about how she dealt with the difficulty of being in quarantine; she admitted that she could not deal with it in the beginning. The singer said she went into a bit of depression as her job includes a lot of traveling and connecting with people.


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