Selena Gomez Compares Rare Beauty Release To Meeting ‘Idol’ Britney Spears

Selena Gomez is doing so much these days along with her new collaboration with Blackpink. She is also busy with the release of her gender-neutral beauty line, Rare Beauty.

In her recent interview with Sephora, the singer compared the release of her beauty line to the time she met Britney Spears. When asked how she found out that her beauty brand is collaborating with Sephora, she said it was really exciting. She compared it to meeting her idol. The singer recalled the time she was young and went to her first concert.

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Selena added that the first person she was obsessed with was Britney Spears. The singer explained, “I was going to the Britney concert and I remember just being in the nosebleeds, obsessed with her. She was my idol. I remember saying, ‘I want to be like her.’ Then fast forward a few years later and I’m sitting down at some event just talking to her.”

The Rare Beauty founder further said how special meeting Britney was for her. She said Britney is her icon and she was pouring out her love to her as a fan. The singer explained that is how she feels now. Selena continued, ” Who would have thought that I would be able to be with you? And who thought I would be able to get my own make-up line in the best store that I grew up in?”

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Rare Impact Fund

Selena also made a special announcement on her 28th birthday about Rare Beauty and what it will be doing. Prior to launching her beauty line, Selena has decided to give back in the most important way. Selena revealed that Rare Beauty had launched the Rare Impact Fund. This fund will collect $100 million over the next ten years. Not just that, this money will be used to help fill the gaps in mental health services.

She revealed that from the first product sale onward, one percent of all sales will be directed to the fund. Also, funds raised from partners will be dedicated to the Rare Impact Fund. The Impact Fund aims to be the largest known funds in support of mental health.

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Selena expressed her gratitude towards her team for helping her make the Rare Impact Fund in a statement. She said since she started the brand they wanted to find a way to give back to our community. The singer said she wanted to support people who needed access to mental health services. It has a big part to play in her life.

Selena explained that Rare Beauty is focused on helping people feel more connected to one another and less alone in the world. Talking about the fund, she said it will make a direct impact on many lives and make a difference in the world. She further added, “I’m proud of the work we’ve begun to do with our partners to offer these services to anyone who needs support.” 

Making Mental Health Services Better

The CEO of Rare Beauty, Scott Friedman, further explained their aims and goals to make it a better effort for mental health services. He said their goal is ambitious and announced their aim of collecting $100 million in the next 10 years for mental health. The CEO further explained that with the launch of the impact fund, they will create one of the largest ‘philanthropic efforts focused on mental health in the world’.

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Friedman also added that the funds will directly contribute towards increasing access to mental health services. Particularly, for underserved communities.

Rare Beauty has also created the Rare Beauty Mental Health Council, comprised of expert advisers from leading universities, organizations and companies focused on mental health. The council will guide the company’s aims to ensure maximum impact.

Some of the council members include Dr. Marc Brackett of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of the book Permission to Feel, Dr. Scott L. Rauch, MD, president and psychiatrist in chief for McLean Hospital and Dr. Jane Delgado of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.

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Selena has always strived to raise awareness about mental health and its importance. During an appearance on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram live show, Bright Minded, she revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Selena claimed knowing everything about the disorder made her less scared.

We can finally contribute and also get the benefit of using the products of Rare Beauty from September 3rd.


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