Selena Gomez Channels Enid Sinclair From Wednesday

Selena Gomez Channels Enid Sinclair From Wednesday

Singer Selena Gomez debuted her pastel rainbow hair in a brand new TikTok video. The actress was looking like the Wednesday character, Enid Sinclair.

She shared the video on the platform from her account as she was wearing a bright blue satin shirt and light-wash jeans. The singer was apparently standing in the bathroom and the clip saw her re-drying her bangs. She was doing so with a quick blast from the hand dryer.

Selena captioned the video writing, “You gotta do what you gotta do”. However, turning back to the hair color, a bright platinum blonde color that Selena debuts in the video also has highlights of pink, neon orange, yellow and lavender. The actress made a fun change and it matches her Skittle nails.

But most importantly, it was similar to Wednesday’s BFF Enid Sinclair. The character also sported something similar throughout the first season of the Netflix series. But one major difference is that Selena’s hair color is much brighter than Enid’s.

Even so, there are some things common with both of their hairstyles including the length of the hair, and the blonde base color. There are also highlights of pastel as well as rainbow colors.

Having said that, Selena is definitely wearing a wig and did not make such a drastic change to her hair. However, what would the rainbow wig be for though? She might be just making a video for fun or she might be working on a secret project. The project might be for Rare, or for a role we don’t know about.

Perhaps, it can also be a music project, or is it safe to assume she was actually channeling her inner Enid energy after watching Wednesday. Irrespective, we love her and that vivid color going on.


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