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Selena Gomez blacks out her site and encourages people to come together for Black Lives Matter

“The country is long overdue with meaningful changes to our broken society.”

Selena’s support for #BlackLivesMatter

Gomez did something much bigger than just posting a black screen on her Instagram account. She announced that she is blacking out her site in support of the #BlackLivesMatter protests. When you go to selenagomez.com, you will be greeted with a message to urging people to think about the situation in America at the moment and also for everyone to come together and make a change.

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The message is as follows:

“It is my hope today that you are taking some time to do some introspective thinking about how we can all come together and listen to one another with an open heart and mind.
The country is long overdue with meaningful changes to our broken society. Black lives matter.
@blklivesmatter, @whenweallvote, @colourofchange, @naacp, @blackfutureslab”

Rare Beauty

Meanwhile, Rare Beauty, her beauty company, posted a blacked-out picture on social media. In the caption it said, “To our community, we are going dark tomorrow to take part in #BlackoutTuesday,”

Rare Beauty wrote on Monday night. “It’s our hope that we can all take time to do some introspective thinking about how we can all come together and listen to one another with an open heart and mind. We’re also thinking through how we can take action against systemic racism and make change. The country is long overdue for meaningful changes to our broken society. Black lives matter. #theshowmustbepaused.”

The singer-actor decides to give her Instagram account to strong influential leaders whose voices should be heard amid the protests for Black Lives Matter. She confirmed this writing on her Instagram, “I have been struggling to know the right things to say to get the word out about this important moment in history.

She continued: After thinking about how best to use my social media, I decided that we all need to hear more from Black voices. Over the next few days I will be highlighting influential leaders and giving them a chance to take over my Instagram so that they can speak directly to all of us. We all have an obligation to do better and we can start by listening with an open heart and mind.”

That’s a powerful move, because Selena has the fifth-most-followed account on Instagram worldwide. Over the next few days, her 179 million followers will hear directly from activists behind organizations like Black Lives Matter.

Alicia Garza takes over Selena’s Instagram

On Friday, Selena Gomez introduced Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, who did an Instagram takeover on the actress and singer’s account for the day.

Alicia Garza on Black Lives Matter

“Please meet Alicia Garza (@chasinggarza),” she wrote. “She co-created #BlackLivesMatter, runs the @BlackFuturesLab to make Black communities powerful, has her own podcast at @ladydonttakenopod, and is an all around force for change. Alicia is taking over my account today!”

Garza posted a video on Gomez’s account. In the video, she explained how police are not being held accountable for their actions towards black people. Garza continued by explaining how since decades police are treating black people as murderers, sometimes on camera or off. Alicia introduces how she has an organization “that works to organize Black communities and train our communities, to change the rules that allow police officers to not be accountable when they do bad things in our communities.”

On Selena’s Instagram story, Alicia shared more information about Black Futures Lab and posted an article, “Answering White People’s Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Gomez encouraging fans to contribute

Selena also shared petitions on her Instagram story, with former president Barack Obama’s medium post offering advice on- how to sustain the Black Lives Matter movement. She has shared resources for voting and donation. Selena has been encouraging her fans to sign petitions. Along with that she’s demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, to end police brutality.

On Saturday, she wrote: “I have spent the last 24 hours just trying to process this all. Nothing anyone says can take back what has happened. But we can and must all make sure to take action. Too many black lives have been taken from us for far too long. They deserve better. They deserve to be heard. We all need to do better and not sit in silence as this injustice continues. #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #icantbreathe” ⠀

Selena continues to support the movement every other day.

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