Seinfeld Might Stream On Netflix In June 2021 News

Seinfeld Might Stream On Netflix In June 2021

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Time icon May 2, 2021

Seinfeld is coming to Netflix and it should most likely be coming in June 2021!

Officially, Netflix itself has not yet announced its direct release but due to past licensing deals (as well as confirmation from Hulu) for a hot comedy we know that Netflix will most likely release Seinfeld in June 2021.

As you may recall, Netflix announced back in September 2019 that it would be purchasing international rights to Seinfeld from Sony distributing the show.

Seinfeld’s History

Netflix is reportedly competing with HBO Max, NBC Universal (Peacock) and Hulu (currently US rights holders) for broadcasting rights that are scheduled to lapse in 2021.

The series was broadcasted on NBC from 1989 to 1998 and has become much in demand in recent years due to the humor performing incredibly well on streaming services creating a licensing gold mine for studios willing to license them out.

Many studios, however, have chosen to take back licensing for themselves in the US at least including Friends reverting back to Warner and The Office now residing exclusively on Peacock. Outside the US is still a different story for now.

When Can Seinfeld Stream On Netflix?

To find out exactly when Seinfeld will be on Netflix, we may have to look at when it was first added on Hulu which can give us an idea of when the contract will actually come to renew.

When Seinfeld was first announced that it would arrive in Hulu in April 2015, it was delayed and did not come on Hulu until June 26, 2015.

The deal at that time was very large with episodes valued at $ 875k per episode and the total package was $ 160 million. Although we do not know how much Netflix paid, given that the market is likely to exceed that number.

GHulu, according to Deadline, wasn’t looking to renew the title given that while it performed OK, it accounted for less than 1% of all viewing.

The licensed broadcasts are usually renewed on a regular annual cycle (such as The Office and Friends on January 1) in which Netflix will receive Seinfeld broadcasts. That means we are currently predicting (unconfirmed) that Seinfeld season 1-8 seasons will be on Netflix at least in the US from June 2021. If it comes on a daily basis when it originally hit Netflix, it should be streaming from June 26th, 2021 although we must stress this could be US only.

What Will Be The Format?

According to Hulu, Netflix will receive all episodes in a proposed format that will show up to 4K (depending on your Netflix package). As you know, Netflix has a variety of 4K titles and most of Netflix Originals have now been shot in the higher quality. Older shows, however, are shown in lower resolutions.

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