See the poster of Asli Picture Abhi Baaki Hai for a look at Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is famed not just for his huge sixes but also for his fresh look. The final matches of the Indian Premier League’s 14th season will be played in the United Arab Emirates next month. Dhoni’s team has arrived at Chennai Super Kings to prepare for the event. Simultaneously, Captain Sahib appears in a new colour.

The team has made a remarkable return after being knocked out of the tournament in the first round owing to a weak performance the previous season.

The team retained its position in the top four in the points table after playing well in the opening rounds of the 14th season of the IPL. CSK will now try to win the championship again in the remaining 31 matches of the season by playing even better than before.

Glimpse of MSD

Even before the remaining matches of the IPL begin on September 19, a new look at the CSK captain has emerged. Mahi appears in a different form. He was last seen as a Buddhist monk, but this time he appears in the form of a rock star. Dhoni’s future commercial has been revealed by Star Sports. He is shown in this video wearing a variety of outfits and having varied coloured hair.

MSD As Monk

With its IPL campaigns, Star Sports has always been incredibly imaginative and creative. In the IPL 2021 promotion, the official broadcaster depicted Dhoni as a ‘MONK with his head shaved.’

Not only did the campaign get a lot of attention, but Dhoni’s acting abilities also became a talking point. The CSK captain was disguised as a spiritual teacher with his “cool and quiet” manner. He was overheard teaching pupils that it’s fine to be angry if it helps them succeed, citing Kohli as an example.

Similarly, he stated that ‘greed is cool’ provided it helps you win titles, using the example of Rohit Sharma-led MI.


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