Seasons 2 and 3 of Squid Game are being discussed at Netflix, says creator

Seasons 2 and 3 of the Squid Game are being discussed, according to creator Hwang Dong-hyuk. Squid Game, a survival thriller about deeply indebted people who participate in deadly versions of children’s games for a large cash prize, swept the world by storm when it premiered on Netflix in September of this year.

Within weeks of its premiere, the nine-part South Korean series drew hundreds of millions of viewers, sparking debates over its plot and themes and reigniting interest in international dramas.

Seasons 2 and 3 of Squid Game

There were almost immediate worries about whether the thriller would continue, given its impact and the fact that the Squid Game season 1 ending left the door open with a cliffhanger of sorts.

Hwang has been keen to advise viewers to keep their expectations in check, stressing that the series was the result of years of preparation. Squid Game season 2 will, however, be released at some point, according to the inventor. In additional comments, Hwang suggests that a third installment could be on the way.

In an online interview with Korean network KBS, Hwang confirmed that talks on the second season of Squid Game are still ongoing. However, the writer-director also stated that there is a potential of a third season of Squid Game in the works. Previous comments have been focused on the near future, specifically a second installment of the popular series. The following is a translation of Hwang’s quote from The Korea Times.

“I’m in talks with Netflix over season 2 as well as season 3. We will come to a conclusion any time soon.”

It’s not surprising that executives reached out to Hwang for more Squid Game episodes. Because of its vast appeal, the thriller not only dominated its Netflix counterparts, but it’s also arguably the largest show of the year, inspiring plenty of cultural fads and items – from costumes to Funko pops and themed cafes.

Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, HoYeon Jung, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo-ryoung are among the cast members who have become stars in their own right. With so many new series and movies arriving and quickly fading among the multitude of viewing alternatives available, a true worldwide hit like Squid Game is a rare occurrence.

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