Season 13 of Doctor Who is returning to its classic roots

Season 13 of Doctor Who is return to the show’s classic formula, which is a wise decision. The Doctor Who production team had to work during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom, which put a lot of pressure on the show. To deal with this, showrunner Chris Chibnall has decided to make a shorter Doctor Who season 13 – only six episodes, with specials to follow in 2022.

With the release of an official teaser at the Doctor Who season 13 panel at SDCC 2021, fans got their first look at the Doctor’s forthcoming adventures. Although the trailer didn’t reveal much about the series, the actors’ close connection came through in their interactions.

Game of Thrones actor Jacob Anderson, who plays a regular character named Vinder, was billed as a “special guest” during the session.

The most exciting piece of information was that Season 13’s framework will be completely changed, with a single overarching tale and cliffhangers at the end of each episode.

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One of the longest stories

Chibnall has returned to the formula established by the classic series, in which plots were told over numerous episodes and cliffhangers were frequent. There were a number of six-episode storylines, but Doctor Who episodes were normally just half an hour long back then, thus season 13 will be one of the longest to date.

When Russell T. Davies rebooted Doctor Who in 2005, he did it without the serial format, mostly because he believed it would no longer work in popular culture. But, as a result of fantasy and sci-fi shows like Game of Thrones, serialised storytelling has resurfaced as a popular trend in popular culture.

That means it’s past time for Doctor Who to embrace this piece of its history, allowing the older format’s narrative promise to be realised. If Chibnall can pull this off, Season 13 of Doctor Who might be something truly special.

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