‘Scott Disick & Rebecca Are Done’, Split After 2 Months Relationship

Scott Disick dated British model Rebecca Donaldson for almost two months. According to the exclusive news, the couple has broken up and shares no hard feelings for each other. A close source revealed that Scott and Rebecca are done and Rebecca was the one to end it. “There are no hard feelings or drama, and it did not end in a bad way”.

Nothing new, but Scott Disick was having a hard time acknowledging that his ex Kourtney Kardashian is happily married to Travis Barker. “Rebecca told Scott that he will never be able to be serious with anyone until he gets over Kourtney. And that she needed to move on. She doesn’t want to get into his world. Scott likes his honesty with him and respects her.

It’s a known fact that Scott and Rebecca haven’t been spotted together in over a month. They were last captured together in Miami, Florida. “Those who are close to Scott think that his method of trying to fill the void left by Kourtney with another woman, followed by another woman is not the best thing for him”, the source told.

From Kourtney And Scott Disick’s Incomplete Wedding

Indeed, it is not the first time Kourtney Kardashian getting married in LAs Vegas. Years before the Poosh founder came down the aisle in Sin City. Kourtney and her ex Scott were about to get married, but thanks to her mom Kris Jenner’s intervention, the pair called it off.

This wedding drama unfolded on Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ first season, sixth episode. It aired on November 18, 2007. Kourtney took a trip to Las Vegas with Disick, Jenner, her two sisters Khloé and Kim and her brother Rob Kardashian.

After a night of drinking, Disick and Kourtney made their way back to their hotel room when he suggested that they get married. Though Kourtney was shocked by his proposal, she went along with the idea — and the duo announced the news to her family the following morning.

“I love Scott. I guess, why not now?” she said in a confessional, before telling her family, “Today, at 2 o’clock, a car is picking us up. We’re going to the chapel”. In response to the news, Jenner said in a confessional that she was “totally devastated”, and later told Kim in a conversation, “I just feel really weird about this whole thing. She’s rushing this a little bit”.

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