Sci-Fi Series ‘The Mist’ Set To Leave Netflix In October 2021

Running on Netflix since 2017, the time has now come for the Stephen King adaption to depart from Netflix.

The sci-fi series titled ‘The Mist’ will depart from Netflix in the United States in October 2021.

Date Of Departure

The exact date of the show leaving the Netflix content library is October 24, 2021.

Subscribers have the chance to watch the show until October 23, 2021.

The Mist, for the time being, will only leave Netflix US and there has been no confirmation about the other regions.

Other than Netflix US, The Mist is branded as a Netflix Original elsewhere. It was added in other regions a little before it arrived on Netflix US, ie, in August 2017.

Plot Of The Mist

Talking about the storyline of the show, The Mist adapted the Stephen King novella that revolves around residents of Maine village trapped in by a mysterious fog which also brought with it monsters.

Reviews of ‘The Mist’ weren’t highly amazing since the show struggled to establish a rapport with the audience.

The show was canceled before this rebrand in September 2017 shortly before it got added to Netflix.

The Good News

But guess what? It’s not all bad news for Stephen King fans. Netflix is currently adapting Mr. Harrigan’s Phone with the help of Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy and The Duffer Brothers are adapting the excellent Stephen King novel, Talisman.

That’s on top of all the adaptations already on Netflix such as In The Tall Grass,


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