Scam ShibaSwap App Steals Shiba Inu Coins From The Wallet Of ShibArmy

The ShibArmy needs to beware! A new app by the name of ShibaSwap is gaining popularity on Google Play that connects directly to the crypto wallets of the users and steals the authentic Shiba Inu coins that the wallet holds.

More and more ShibArmy members have become the victim of this scam ShibaSwap app and it is the responsibility of us, at Clout News to ensure that the ShibArmy does not fall for this trap anymore.

The ShibaSwap app scam came to light when Shiba Inu supporters who lost all their coins after downloading the app shared their experience on Twitter.

Do Not Download These Apps

“I lost all my shib last night trying to send it to a metamask wallet etherscan says a contract was on my transaction any way of canceling a contract or disputing it?”

The ‘ShibaInuAlert’ Twitter handle has been warning all investors to avoid downloading these apps.

“Android Google “Play” Store displays in the app store ShibaSwap fake sites, they are stealing from the #ShibArmy by connecting directly to their wallets once downloaded and opened. Stay alert.”


Others commented and appreciated the Apple appstore for not allowing such apps on its platform.

“+1 to Apple for not allowing apps like this via their App Store. It has happened a couple of times but quickly caught”

Shiba Inu Prepares For New Year Rally

Shiba Inu is the most popular meme cryptocurrency in existence today. But off late, the meme-coin has not been performing considerably great. Here are few reasons why it is the right time to buy the Shiba Inu dip now.

Shiba Inu is listed on 64 exchanges around the world. This gives it ample liquidity, relevance, and ensures there is massive interest for the meme-coin.

But there are two bigger reasons why it’s time to buy Shiba Inu now. They are:

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