Savannah James Shows LeBron James The Middle Finger On Their Anniversary

Even though Savannah James and LeBron James are on vacation in Italy to celebrate their wedding anniversary, she still managed to annoy him.

Vacationing couples tend to remain together, or so the saying goes among young people nowadays. Whatever the situation may be, it appears that the James family is totally behind that notion.

NBA players are enjoying a much-needed rest as the offseason comes to an end. They are giving their bodies a break before what will undoubtedly be a demanding and lengthy season.

While they’re doing that, their social media presence enables us fans to follow along with their daily activities. And except LeBron James and his family, who else has to be watched closely?

LeBron James is a master of social media, so he has been tweeting frequently, giving fans a peek into his social life. For their wedding anniversary this time, he brought Savannah James to Italy. It’s safe to assume that their social media shenanigans are amusing.

Everyone can watch Savannah James yelling at LeBron James on tape while they dance and smoke in Italy!

She was furious with her spouse! Yes, I gave him the middle finger—and not a day after their wedding. Even though it was all in jest and fairly amusing to witness, their dynamic remains entertaining nonetheless. We presume true love.

And most recently, LeBron has been tweeting footage of the two having a good time while lounging on the Italian Riviera.

Everyone wonders if they should be smoking or not. Even if it appears that the answer is unambiguously yes, the question is “what?” For all we know, it might be anything. After all, it is the off-season.

We felt it only fitting to provide the fans with an update on LeBron James and Savannah James’ lives while they take a holiday in Italy.

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