Satoshi Island

Satoshi Island – Everything You Need To Know About The World’s First Crypto Economy

Cryptocurrencies are on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately. Amidst the ongoing crypto craze, we have got a new project ‘Satoshi Island’ under development which is an extremely unique idea and holds the potential to be the future crypto capital of the world.

Satoshi Island has been gaining a lot of traction amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, and investors. But what is this Island after all? Where is it located? And what is so special about Satoshi Island? This guide will answer all your questions!

What Is Satoshi Island?

It is a smart city private island project being developed on a 32 million square land. It aims to be the world’s first ever crypto and blockchain economy. The Island will solely function in a decentralized manner and will be a heaven for crypto investors, enthusiasts, and professionals.

In short, it is a real private island dedicated to the crypto community. It will be the first real-world crypto economy running exclusively on the blockchain technology.

Where Is It Located?

It is located in the tropical paradise of Vanuatu in South Pacific. It is proximate to Australia and Fiji.

The Island is owned and operated by Satoshi Island Ltd. One can visit it via direct flights from Australia, Asia, America, and else-where. The first stage of the Satoshi Island has already been completed.

What Is Special About Satoshi Island?

It is the home to crypto enthusiasts, professionals, and investors. The Island boasts a society truly built on a decentralized financial system and blockchain democracy.

The Island has modern homes, apartments, offices, and futuristic architectural designs. It is being built with sustainability in mind and will also have self-sustaining buildings. The world renowned architectural firm,
James Law Cybertecture is involved in making the project a reality.

Satoshi Island will also integrate the real-world utility of NFTs, Non Fungible Tokens. The citizens can own a piece of land in the private Island by buying the exclusive NFT collection which has 2,100 unique blocks of land. All of the transactions on the Island will be done using cryptocurrencies.

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