Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks’ Trademark Indicates A Return To Pro Wrestling 

It’s a day that comes to an end with the letter “y,” which implies the wheels of what Sasha Banks is doing are in motion. The bus keeps going round and round. Banks has been busy with new movie roles, training with Juventud Guerrera, appearances at Boston Celtics games, and the usual round of wild internet speculation as wrestling fans proceed to wonder how her next move in wrestling will be considering that she and Naomi left WWE in May. The most recent trademark filing by a bank could provide another hint.

On December 1, Banks filed a trademark application for her real name, Mercedes Varnado, with the assistance of gimmick attorney Michael Dockins. Banks was attempting to trademark her name for entertainment services involving live video and auditory performances by an actor or musician, as well as pro wrestling entertainment services such as wrestling contests, wrestling displays, performances, and live appearances. This trademark is the result of several trademark filers in late November that may have been related to Banks.

There were filings for the name Mercdes Mone as well as the terms Mone’ Talks, Bank Mone, & Statement Maker. Banks and Dockins have neither confirmed nor denied any connection between Banks and those trademark filings. Banks trademarking her real identity for use in wrestling and some other projects implies that she may be planning a return to the ring outside WWE, where she will be highly doubtful to use her real name.

Survivor Series WarGames

After fans modified Banks’ name at Survivor Series WarGames two weeks ago, which was reportedly muted by WWE on the broadcast, it was reported that the two sides were in contract talks, but that the situation was muddy. This is consistent with another report from October, which stated that there were stumbling blocks between WWE & Banks regarding a come back.

Survivor Series WarGames is now record, and the event was nothing short of historic. The WWE main roster debut of the WarGames match, which had been featured in NXT since 2017, was not the only breakthrough set by the show. According to sources, WWE sent a memo to its executives detailing the various records that the premium live event had broken. 

The firm has been positive about the achievement of WWE Survivor Series WarGames, with the event reportedly being the most-watched Survivor Series on record, up 46% from the show’s 2021 version. The live gate then became the largest that WWE has seen since for both Survivor Series and the town of Boston, and merchandise sales at the TD Garden weren’t always up 20 percent over last year, but rather the highest in the antiquity of the premium live event.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.