Sasha Banks Reveals Her Desire To Wrestle in Space

Sasha Banks Reveals Her Desire To Wrestle in Space

Sasha Banks recently raised her desire to fight in space. She wishes to leave a legacy in the company, and performing a Frog Splash on Mars is component of that.

As you mentioned, if I’m heading to be on this globe, why just not be first? Why not aspire to be Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk? Why not, why can’t I give it a shot, why can’t I dream big? So I think I’d want to go to space, she explained. I’d like to become the first woman to placed pro wrestling on another globe. Not the moon, perhaps, but Mars. It’s gotta be a Frog Splash.

The space race could be a source of contention between many people. It sparks genuine debate about whether or not folks genuinely landed on the moon, and Sasha Banks shared her opinions. I’m not sure based on the images I’ve seen. But what if? In this phrase, you don’t ever know, you never understand. She admitted, you don’t ever know.

Sasha Banks views on her blue hair

Sasha Banks furthermore discussed her blue hair, uncovering the worst thing that could have happened to it. This happened during a fight against Asuka, and she really can not believe it.

Let me tell you about worst thing to ever happen to my hair. It’s the end of this match with Asuka, I believe it was Extreme Rules in 2020. And Asuka is among our top superstar players; she is a gangsta and simply the best, according to Sasha. We’re putting up a fight and forth when she rolls me up and I hear a rip. I have the sensation that the wind is brushing against my braids, and that my braids are exposed. My entire closure torn in half, but it’s now dangling over my face while we’re on live PPV. It was dreadful.

I need to finish the game. I finish the match and fall to the ground, glancing at my tag team companion, Bayley, and saying, Assist me. She’s yanking on my wig and saying, I cannot. It was dreadful. I just snagged a towel and ran to the back because I couldn’t get that beautiful shot of me holding up the title. That was unbelievable to me.

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