Samuel Onuha shares 3 Things to Consider While Setting Goals in 2022

Imagine going to work every day, aimlessly, without reason, just because you have to. We’ve all been there and done things just for the sake of it. But that is no way to live.

Having aspirations for yourself and others around you is the essence of success. This makes goal setting a necessary exercise if you want to take control of your destiny.

Samuel Onuha shares that he has tried it for over a decade, and this simple exercise has worked wonders for him both in his personal life and career. As we embrace a new year, let’s augment the new hope and new energies with actual goals to achieve our dreams. Samuel Onuha lists some tried-and-tested tips to get started. Here’s how to set powerful and attainable goals in 2022 per Samuel Onuha:

1. Stay Reasonable About Your Capacity

“If you set one challenging goal that will require the most effort and time from you, don’t set another big objective with it,” states Samuel Onuha. Don’t overcrowd your plate because it is nearly impossible to give your best efforts to two big goals. Instead, make small goals that are connected with your 2022 main goal.

For example, if your goal is to run a marathon in 2022, don’t start learning a new language because both aims require time, commitment, and practice. Instead, set up complementary objectives, such as adopting a healthy diet or time management.

2. Make SMART Goals

SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. So, while setting powerful goals, make sure they adhere to the SMART model.

“Do you have particular objectives, or is the result ambiguous? Can you measure the goal’s outcome? Is the goal achievable in the set time limit, and is it relevant to your personal or business growth? Only confirm a goal if every question’s answer is positive,” Samuel Onuha believes.

3. Base Goals on Personal Values

When creating business goals, it is crucial to ensure that they do not violate your and your team’s personal values. “If your team’s objectives consider everyone’s values, you and your team members will be highly motivated to achieve them. Of course, no one wants to work on things that violate their personal moral code. However, everyone appreciates when others help them realize their individual aims,” quips Samuel Onuha.

Consult your team when planning what you want your organization to achieve this year. Check the reasons behind every objective to ensure they correlate with your values.

It is essential to set new goals every New Year to give yourself and your business the right direction to move forward. However, sometimes it is pretty challenging to remain on the right track and achieve your set goal.

As the adage goes, ‘Begin with the end in mind,’ the most important aspect of goal setting is creating a plan to help you get there. “Let your character, strengths, dreams, values, and motivators guide you on this journey. Be mindful of every step you take once you create powerful plans that bring measurable results in 2022,” concludes Samuel Onuha.


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