Samuel Ericsson, a Karate Fighter, has agreed to compete in one fight for the KSI’s “Misfits Boxing” Event

Samuel Ericsson, a Karate Fighter joins the boxing promotion of KSI. As a skilled martial artist and well-liked social media influencer, Ericsson is best known for these traits. It remains to be seen how his karate style will translate to boxing, but this crossover contract has caused a lot of hype among fans of Ericsson, Karate Combat, and Misfits Boxing.

According to CEO Adam Kovacs, the promotion has permitted Samuel Ericsson to work with Misfits Boxing and even promote him while on vacation. With the potential for future cross-promotional opportunities, this partnership represents a significant milestone for both programmes.

KSI, a former amateur boxer who is now a professional, formed Misfits Boxing. The campaign has a big emphasis on social media and digital marketing. Which has helped it draw in a younger audience and amass a sizable following on websites like YouTube and Twitch.

Misfits Boxing

Ericsson’s participation in Misfits Boxing may prove to be a big draw for the organisation because of his devoted fan base and unique fighting style, which may attract a brand-new audience to the venue. Although it is unclear how Ericsson would fare in the ring, the crossover agreement has undoubtedly aroused the imagination of followers.

The promotion will have three subsequent events beginning on April 1, 2023, and then another four to six events later that year. Due to the fact that two title fights will take place, the forthcoming Karate Conflict 38: Judgment Day event is expected to be exceptionally spectacular. Igor “The Iberian Bull” de Castaneda and middleweight champion “Turbo” Ross Levine will square off in the main event. With a TKO victory, Levine prevailed in their first battle.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.