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Samsung developed hand wash app to help fight Corona

Samsung has developed a hand wash app to help people avoid coronavirus and to be aware of hand wash from time to time.

Samsung has developed a hand wash app to sensitize users during the coronavirus epidemic. This Samsung app has been launch for the Galaxy Watch wearable devices. Samsung has developed this hand wash app for its Galaxy Watch users, which will remind the user to periodically hand wash. This app will tell the user about hand hygiene, so that the user can wash their hands well for the 20 seconds recommended by the World Health Organization. The special feature of this app is that it has already set a reminder for hand wash. However, users can also customize the reminder according to their own.

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As soon as users start washing their hands, this hand wash app will start tracking the time. For this, a 25 second wash cycle has been given, in which 5 seconds time is given to open the tap and apply soap or hand wash. The rest of the 20 second users will be able to wash their hands according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization. This app will also provide feedback for hand washing activity by the user. This app will make the habit of hand wash by tracking the user’s daily hand hygiene activity. Galaxy Watch users will be able to download this app from the Galaxy Store.

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