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Sam Smith ‘Has Always Been Non-Binary’

Sam Smith has opened up about the fact that they are non-binary. The artist talked to The Times this week and revealed that they have always been non-binary.

The singer said they have felt that way and hearing other non-binary stories made them feel seen. Sam went ahead and explained that having body dysmorphia helped them understand their body better.

They said, “As I started to address that, I started to address my gender and realized that I was holding myself to these ideals of how a man should look. I have girl’s thighs and I have girl breasts too. It started to awaken this conversation that had always been in the back of my mind.”

Sam came out as non-binary back in 2018. They admitted to growing up that way and wearing women’s clothing and make-up to school. The singer said their parents were fully aware and supportive of them.

Talking about their love life, the artist admitted to being single and said they are not looking but hoping. They explained, “It is like wading through water and trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. I am just sitting by the side of the pond now.”

The singer also confessed in the interview that they have slipped up with pronouns once in a while. They also revealed that they want children by the age of 34. The artist recently had to confirm their relationship status after being spotted kissing Francois Rocci in August.

Sam was seen passionately kissing the furniture designer as they walked down the street. Francois is a French-born designer and was graduated with a BA (Hons) in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston University, London, according to their website.

“I think I want to be with someone older now”

On their interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Sam said they were pushed off of a dating app, Hinge. They were accused of ‘catfishing’ on the app. They reconfirmed their relationship status on the show and said, “I’m still single, I’m on the front line with all the single people still and it’s been difficult. I’ve gone on all the apps and stuff.”

Andy offered Sam a little help and said they can get them on Tinder and know someone who can verify the artist’s account. The singer joked that they need to so they might do Tinder. However, the positive response after their interview, Hinge apologized to Sam.

Hinge tweeted, “Sorry @SamSmith! We know you’re too good at goodbyes but give us a second chance at finding you (+ @Andy ) someone special. We will verify your profile.”

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Before Sam’s PDA with Francois, they were spotted sharing a kiss with their then-boyfriend, Brandon Flynn, who starred in 13 Reasons Why. The singer admitted to freaking out about being single back when coronavirus lockdown started in the UK.

The artist was in a serious relationship with Brandon and they admitted to immediately turning to dating apps when the lockdown started. Sam said, “For the first two weeks I was like ‘oh my God I’m single’. I went on this dating thing and it was the worst!”

They explained that they got attached to guys and then forming a quarantine relationship over the phone is a dangerous path. The singer said, “I think I want to be with someone older now. I need someone who has passions and has their own drive.”

Sam Admits To Being Depressed on Tour

The singer said, “Being on tour is a bit of a crazy experience, I get really low sometimes on tour. I feel like I sound so depressing all the time when I talk about it, but I get depressed on tour. I think it’s the responsibility and pressure that makes me struggle.”

And just like all of us, Sam also hates seeing couples being romantic with on another and they also feel jealous when they see other people in relationships. They said they have gone through a break-up so they are not in the mood for romance.

Sam explained, “When I see couples I just want to poke their eyes. It’s hard to be happy for other people when you feel so s**t.” The singer has been linked to model Jay Camilleri, Jonathan Zeizel, Andy Newton-Lee and Charlie King previously.

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