Salman Khan Sells Upcoming Film Radhe’s Rights To Zee Studios

Salman Khan’s upcoming action thriller movie Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai is one of the most anticipated films of 2021. The film was originally scheduled to be released in cinemas and on the big screens during EID 2020 but due to the coronavirus havoc, the release has been postponed.

Now recent reports have showcased that the film rights have been sold to Zee studios.

YRF To Zee Studios

Salman Bhai previously had a contract with Yash Raj Films for theater rights, Amazon Prime for digital rights, T-Series for music rights and Zee for satellite rights. But now reports say the Dabangg star has left (repealed) the earlier contract and sold it to Zee studios for Rs 230 Crores.

According to Bollywood Hungama, Salman Khan’s upcoming action sizzle movie, Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai, has sold its rights to Zee Studios and the contract includes theaters (India + Overseas), Satellite, Digital and film music rights. The news spread like wildfire and many are still pondering why the actor had left the previous contract of YRF to seal the deal with Zee Studios.

A source stated in the document that “YRF had entered into an agreement with Salman Khan Films (SKF) to distribute the film worldwide in the form of a commission, which meant that SKF’s revenue would vary depending on the film’s business. There is always an element of uncertainty in such deals, especially during the Covid-19 times as one can not be sure on foot and thus return from cinema halls.

On the other hand, he had signed a digital contract with Amazon, which had exclusive rights to broadcast the film, eight weeks after its release from the play. Satellite rights were owned by Zee, who was able to show them on their channel eight weeks after the start of OTT, and music rights were in the T-Series. ”

Move To Zee Studios

With Radhe’s rights being sold to many players, Salman Khan wanted to make things easier and simpler by making everything under one umbrella. This will also enable him to make business decisions without involving many parties. As a result. Salman has entered into an agreement with Zee Studios.

The report also said that Salman and Aditya Chopra decided to separate, before reuniting with Tiger 3 from March. The source also told the letter, “By the time Salman received the previous sum of 230 crores, making him a table profit of more than $ 100. 100 crores, the studio now has all the rights thus opening up various ways to earn money – from revenue satellite from advertisers, OTT revenue from Zee 5, monetization of advertising revenue from YouTube and other music applications. – by delivering it to the OTT platform within two to three weeks after the release of the theater.

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