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Salman Khan & Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kabhi Eid, Kabhi Diwali Might Be Renamed As Bhaijaan

It was reported earlier that producer Sajid Nadiadwala is thinking about changing the title of his upcoming film. The Salman Khan-starrer was titled Kabhi Eid, Kabhi Diwali.

It was also reported previously that the decision to alter the title was taken because the filmmaker wanted to avoid any controversy. However, now it has been revealed that the producer has registered the title Bhaijaan for this action-packed comedy venture.

As per sources, Sajid thinks only Salman can carry the title Bhaijaan and registered it as one of the probable names for the film. He also feels that the title will do justice to the plot of the film. Sajid has been discussing the idea of changing the title to Bhaijaan with Salman for some time now, according to sources.

The source shared, “Sajid Nadiadwala feels that it’s only Salman Khan who can carry the title Bhaijaan and hence, has registered it as one of the probable names for Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali. He feels the title will also do justice to the subject of the film, and has been discussing the idea of changing the title to Bhaijaan with Salman for a while now.”

Pooja Hegde is the female lead in the movie while Aayush Sharma and Zaheer Iqbal will also be portraying major roles. According to reports, the film will start production once Salman wraps up Tiger 3. However, the actor does not feel the team should change the title and he is pushing for the original title, Kabhi Eid, Kabhi Diwali.

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“Sajid is considering a title change to avoid hurting any religious sentiments.”

The source has also explained that the producer is considering changing the title to protect religious sentiments. But the source also shared that Salman thinks the film is made with the right intentions and has its heart at the right place. As per the source, “Sajid is considering a title change to avoid hurting any religious sentiments. However, Salman is of the opinion that the film is made; with the right intentions and has the heart at the right place. It fits well into his ideology of being human, and feels; if both Eid and Diwali can coexist in the Indian society; the same can be a part of the title too.”

The insider also revealed that the actor’s idea is to celebrate unity in diversity in a comic way with Kabhi Eid, Kabhi Diwali. He does not want to shift the focus on an individual which is his own character. The story is said to revolve around a family that believes in the oneness of God. Surprisingly, the source of the story comes from Salman’s family.

An insider points out, “His father is Muslim. His mother is Hindu. Helen Aunty is a Catholic. Salman’s family is a living example of communal amity. The film’s plot will be similar. It will portray the ups and downs in a family which celebrates both Eid and Diwali with equal fervor”. The source added that it will be the Radhe actor’s homage to the enduring spirit of oneness and brotherhood.

“It will be Salman’s homage to the enduring spirit of oneness and brotherhood; a counterpoint to the currently vitiated atmosphere in the country. Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali will take the cinematic experience back to the days of films; like Yash Chopra’s Dharmputra and Dhool Ka Phool. It addresses the issue of Hindu-Muslim amity” says the source.

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