Saba Hameed – Better to walk with time, drama is not destroyed, only change has come

 Pakistani actress Saba Hameed says that the most beautiful thing about the drama serial ‘Prem Gali’ is the humor shown in it.

Saba Hameed misses a lot of humor in today’s dramas. she thinks that just like we laugh in ordinary life, this thing should be shown in dramas so that it is not just crying.

In a interview, Saba Hameed said, “Difficulties have been shown in Prem Gali. Problems like normal life are also shown but the light aspect of humor is amazing which is why the audience is liking this drama.

According to Saba Hameed, sometimes what is shown in the play should be kept to the extent of the play, whatever is shown in the play but she does not believe in superstitions at all in her personal life.

“Drama should be treated like normal life. I urge writers and channel people to come to comedy. People enjoy watching comedy.

On the question of whether she would choose a serious or humorous character? Saba Hameed said, “I will definitely play a funny role.”

“I think all the characters are challenging,” she said. It is good that the public understands the role you have played, I am glad that the fans like and understand my role in Prem Gali.

According to Saba Hameed, sometimes the artist has to compromise on the characters.

“I have also compromised on the characters. Before signing any project, I look at who is the writer, who is the director, who is the production house and how the story will be told and how it will affect the people.

“We are artists,” says Saba. We have to work, we don’t have to sit at home, sometimes we don’t have many choices. That is why I try to play my role honestly in the project I have signed. Sometimes it happens that you know that the project you have signed is not something special but you have to do it. 

According to Saba Hameed, even if something is done with imitation, it will not be successful for a long time and sometimes it happens that the story is very good but the storytelling is not good. This forces the project to flop.

“I object to the use of words that say today’s drama is ruined. It’s not destroyed, it’s just changed. When so many people are watching dramas, then what kind of destruction? ‘

“Some writers are writing well, some are writing a little less well,” she added. Some have good storytelling, some don’t. Sometimes there is something wrong with the script, so we can’t say that if the drama is not going well today, then the writer is responsible and the writer has ruined the drama.

Saba Hameed says that dramas and films are made with a budget of lakhs or billions of rupees all over the world, not all of them are good, even after a lot of hard work a project fails.

According to the actress, not everything should be viewed through the lens of destruction. Even in the days of PTV, there was a writer, director, and a script department.

“The departments have grown and it hasn’t made much of a difference. It’s just trying to make plays according to the mood of the people, so don’t call it a disaster.”

In response to a question, Saba Hameed recalled the era of PTV and said that in that era there were shootings two days a week and there were regular rehearsals before the shooting, the whole scene was recorded at the same time but Now the whole serial is shot at once.

“Small scenes are shot with a single camera and we rehearse only during the movement of the camera. Now it is not possible to sit for five days and rehearse. The techniques of the past and the present have changed. It’s better to walk together.


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