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Saba Faisal Gets Furious At Instagram Comments Asking About Her Daughter In Law

Saba Faisal is a seasoned Pakistani celebrity who has worked in various dramas and shows. In the beginning of her career, Saba Faisal was a PTV news broadcaster and presenter.

The eldest daughter of the Pakistani television personality is Sadia Faisal. She is is a model and actress in the industry as well. Saba Faisal is blessed with two sons, Salman Faisal and Arsalan Faisal. They are also self-proclaimed and successful actors in the field.

The Rumors

Since a few days, there have been rumors swirling around that actor Salman Faisal, son of Saba Faisal have divorced his wife Neha Malik.

Salman and Neha got married about two years ago in a series of glamorous ceremonies in which many top celebrities of Lollywood were spotted.

As news began to circulate online about the separation of Salman and Neha, no corrections or clarifications were offered from both sides.

What Did Saba Faisal Say?

Recently, one internet user blamed Saba Faisal for being the cause of her sons’ separation. The comment was made when Saba Faisal took to her Instagram account sharing some family photos during the Eid celebrations.

Apart from this many fans were worried about where was her daughter-in-law.

In response Saba Faisal slammed back at the netizen saying that she should mind her own business and not to interfere in her personal matters.


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