Ryan Trahan Plays Minecraft In Virtual Reality For 33 Hours

Famous Minecraft YouTuber Ryan Trahan has set a personal record of his gaming career. The gamer was actively playing the Minecraft VR version for straight two days.

The 23-year-old Minecraft gamer took the help of a VR to stimulate 100 days in the Mojang title. He did not remove the VR headset for more than 30 hours straight cementing his name as one of the best Minecraft gamers on the planet.

Minecraft VR

In his December 10 video, the YouTuber revealed the experience of playing Minecraft in Virtual Reality.

Ryan Trahan used his 100 days in the title to craft a story, including plotlines such as the friendships he made with various NPCs, and it even culminates in an epic finale showdown with Minecraft’s final boss the Ender Dragon.

‘Your Storytelling Is So Good’

The video is going viral on social media and Ryan is raking up praise of the Minecraft fans from all over the world. “Dude this video is amazing. Your storytelling is so good,” one fan wrote. Another said, “This was an unexpected rollercoaster of emotions…”

While this isn’t the first time a content creator has crafted a story using Minecraft, Ryan Trahan’s experiment gave viewers a first look at how immersive the game could be using VR.

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