Russell Westbrook and his longtime agent have parted ways

Westbrook’s 14-year agent, Thad Foucher, thinks the veteran should stick with the Lakers.

According to Thad Foucher of Wasserman, Russell Westbrook is ending his relationship with the agency due to what the agent is referring to as “irreconcilable issues,” according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Even while it is not unusual for a player and agent to separate ways, Foucher gave a long interview regarding his now-expired relationship with Westbrook in which he didn’t exactly present the former MVP in the best possible light.

A 14 year Collaboration Comes To An End

“We worked together on a highly successful 2008 draft, a super-max contract, and the first max contract that has ever been renegotiated and extended. I represented Russell Westbrook for 14 years. I also helped Russell on his path to becoming a well-known person in the fashion world, and I recently organised three transactions in succession on Russell’s behalf, the last of which was the move to his hometown Los Angeles Lakers.

“Each time, organisations traded for Russell in exchange for significant players and assets, and each time, the new organisation welcomed him. Together, we accomplished it in style and elegance.

The market is now telling the Lakers they must add more value with Russell in any trade scenario as there is a chance of a fourth move in four years. Even then, the deal may call for Russell to buy himself out of his contract with the new team right away.

It makes sense that Westbrook would choose to leave Los Angeles if Foucher is discontinuing his connection with him because they differ on how to best advance his career and he wants the former All-Star point guard to stay with the Lakers. Westbrook has never asked for a trade, says to Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times.

Naturally, it’s also important to note that he hasn’t really needed to. The Lakers have always preferred trading him, but they have been fussy about the terms of a deal. They do not want to attach a first-round selection only to get rid of Westbrook, according to reports, and so far, only Kyrie Irving is said to be worth a pick to them. Irving, a better shooter and James’ former colleague, would seem to fit the position of point guard more easily without detracting from the star quality the Lakers wanted to acquire in Westbrook.

What Lakers Want?

But if you listen to the guys on the Lakers, their messages haven’t been as encouraging. Famously, when both James and Westbrook attended summer league last weekend, they sat on opposing ends of the arena. James and several other Laker players’ agent Rich Paul tweeted, “it’s a frigid game,” in response to the news of the separation between Westbrook and Foucher. The idea that the Lakers might keep Westbrook has always felt like a negotiating gimmick. That leverage is waning in influence.

The Lakers could feel more pressure now as a result. Westbrook may be sending the Lakers a message that keeping him would be stupid if he wants to leave Los Angeles so badly enough to split from an agent who believes he should stay there.

At this point, everything is all conjecture. The current situation is mostly unique, but most of what occurred to the Lakers last season was as well. The objective is still the same for now. In an ideal scenario, the Lakers would be able to get Irving by dealing Westbrook and future draft selections. But what if this forces them to look at other potential deals? They couldn’t be harmed by it. There is no reason to think that the Lakers would want to deal with Westbrook if even his agent can no longer represent him.

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