Rumors About Sex Education Season 3 Releasing On Netflix In October 2021 Are Not True News

Rumors About Sex Education Season 3 Releasing On Netflix In October 2021 Are Not True

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Time icon June 5, 2021

Well, its yet another day and some fake viral posts that falsely claim that Sex Education Season 3 is coming to Netflix in October 2021 is spreading like wildfire on the internet.

Unfortunately, although it could have been available on Netflix in October 2021, no official date has been given by the series yet.

What Does The Rumored Post Say?

The posts under discussion is from Netflix Updates which is an active page mainly on Facebook (with the Netflix Diaries tag) and on Twitter.

Basically they post pictures for fans of different shows but are sometimes known for forging of posts with dates that some or the other show will be out soon.

Here is the current post of the false news that season 3 is coming out of Netflix in October 2021. This post is fake especially because the same asset which is used since season 2 but that doesn’t seem to stop some from thinking it is true.

Confusion Among Fans

They then go on to link to a fellow Netflix fansite, NetflixLife, ran by Fansided. Specifically, they link to their big season 3 preview for Sex Education.

“We expect the show to return to season 3 in August or September or by October 2021.”

Well, firstly it’s posted with the intention of going viral. However, collecting imaginary internet points is made even sweeter if you can make a few pennies too. That’s what’s happening in this instance.


If you look at the aforementioned NetflixLife page, there’s a small tag added to the end. That allows that person to earn some money for the traffic that is pushed through to that site. This is commonly known as an affiliate scheme.

They hope this is viral enough to generate enough traffic to that link that will earn them money.

Of course, you can argue that all of this is harmless fun and no one gets hurt but false stories are full of entertainment stories and it is worth trying to fight them whenever you see them.

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