Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho Breaks Her Nose At AEW All Out Sunday 

At Sunday’s All Out Zero Hour pre-show, Ruby Soho and Ortiz failed to reclaim the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles from Sammy Guevera and Tay Melo. The big news from the game, nevertheless, is that Soho suffered a fractured nose. Soho was injured when a Tay KO was delivered directly to her face. He has been seen hiding her face as Melo pinned her for the finish immediately after the spot.

Soho exited the ringside area holding her hands over her face after the match. Several news outlets have affirmed that Soho broke his nose during the shoot. Earlier in the competition, fans worried that Soho had suffered a neck injury after landing awkwardly during a spot. The All Out Sunday match between Guevera & Melo and Ortiz & Soho was announced officially last Friday after the babyfaces earned a non-title on the 9/2 live episode of AEW Rampage, a week following Guevera & Melo defeated Ortiz & Soho.

With each team winning one match, Sunday’s grudge match was the series’ conclusion. As previously stated, Guevera was intended to wrestle Eddie Kingston in a singles match on the main All Out card. The fight was apparently cancelled after Kingston was suspended for a backstage brawl with Guevera. Kingston also competed in the pre-show on Sunday, trouncing Tomohiro Ishii in a close match.

Road Dogg

Road Dogg, a WWE Hall of Famer Brian James returned recently to the WWE, taking over as Vice President of Live Events for his long-time friend Jeff Jarrett. Despite the fact that James had been out of the company since his release in January, he had previously worked as a writer on WWE SmackDown, with perhaps his most memorable contribution being the Kofi Mania story, which climaxed in Kofi Kingston coming out on top his first ever WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

Although James had many brilliant ideas, one that was rejected by his boss at the time, Vince McMahon, engaged Sami Zayn, who rose to prominence on the independent scene as the veiled El Generico. I tried to get him to wrestle on SmackDown and have El Generico wrestle on Monday Night Raw when I was writing for SmackDown, & Vince will not go for it. James said we were going to attempt to do that and have folks go, That’s you dude, and he was like, Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re discussing about.

We assumed it would be hilarious. It was Ezekiel before Ezekiel made his debut. Zayn is presently engulfed in a plotline with The Bloodline, the WWE’s hottest act, in which he is torn between his loyalty to his real-life best friend Kevin Owens and the group he so desperately wants to join. Owens has a rich history with Zayn in WWE, as well as with El Generico just on independent circuit, in which the two were tag team champions in both Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla before engaging in a year-long blood feud.


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