Rosé’s “Jiggle Jiggle” Dance Video With Jennie & Lisa Becomes One Of The Most-Liked TikToks Of All Time

If you are a fan of K-pop, you probably know who Rosé is. She is one of the four members of the mega-hit girl group BLACKPINK, which has taken the world by storm with their catchy songs and stunning visuals. Rosé is not only a talented singer and dancer, but also a social media sensation. She has amassed a huge following on TikTok, where she often posts videos of herself and her bandmates having fun and showing off their personalities.

One of her videos, however, has broken records and made history. The video, which she uploaded last year, features her dancing with Jennie and Lisa, two other members of BLACKPINK, to the viral song “Jiggle Jiggle” by Duke & Jones and Louis Theroux. The video was filmed at the British Embassy in Seoul, where the group was invited to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday and the Platinum Jubilee. The group also represented the U.N. COP26 as ambassadors of climate action.

The video shows Rosé, Jennie and Lisa wearing classy outfits and doing a playful version of the “Jiggle Jiggle” dance, which involves shaking their hips and shoulders to the upbeat rhythm. The video is full of charm and humor, as Rosé apologizes for the difficulty of the dance and Jennie tries to hold back her laughter. The video also showcases the friendship and chemistry between the three members, who have been together for more than seven years.

The video quickly went viral and received millions of views and likes from fans and celebrities alike. As of today, April 9th, 2023, the video has over 31.7 million likes, making it one of the most-liked TikTok videos of all time. It ranks at number 23 on the list.

It is also the most recent video on the list and the only one related to K-pop.

Rosé’s “Jiggle Jiggle” dance video is a testament to her popularity and influence as a global star. She has proven that she can make any song or dance trend with her charisma and style. She has also shown that she can have fun and be herself with her fans and friends. Rosé is truly a TikTok queen and a K-pop legend.

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