Root is making a habit of breaking my records : Michael Vaughan News

Root is making a habit of breaking my records : Michael Vaughan

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Time icon August 29, 2021

In a fun and light-hearted interview with Michael Vaughan on Cricbuzz, Harsha Bhogle asked Vaughan a brutally honest question.

“Tell me, Micheal, are you a person who loves his records? Do you cherish them and feel like they should be mine forever? I mean, how do you feel seeing a person whom you saw as a kid wearing shorts break so many of your records?”, asked Harsha directly without sugarcoating anything.

Vaughan had a laugh over it at first and said humbly, “Let me be honest with you Harsha. Root has stolen everything that I have ever done.” And then hilariously he said, “I am just expecting him to steal my wife.” The duo had a burst of wild laughter over it.

Vaughan then elaborated, “He’s done everything. He’s gone past my batting records, now my captaincy records.” However, Vaughan feels that Root won’t really celebrate going past his captaincy record and instead would just be happy that Team England is back into the series. Also, he further said that Root still won’t be satisfied with his captaincy. He explained that by saying, “What Root still needs for captaincy, for feathering his captaincy is the best and the biggest. But it’s also the smallest( in size, he meant). That is: “the urn”(The historic Ashes urn).

He further said,

“In English cricket,when you sign first time for the English captaincy,the first thing the captain dreams of is beating Australia.Not many of the captains admit it.But beating Australia in the ashes series means the most significant achievement for an English captain.The captain dreams of being one of those lucky few who get a chance to stand on the podium and lift the urn.”

Vaughan believes that if Root can be the one to beat Australia in the ashes, then he would have accomplished pretty much everything with his captaincy in Test match cricket. Root would also want to this series since it will give him a better chance and more confidence to get that little urn.

Vaughan concluded admitting, “He(Root) is stealing everything, Harsha.”

For those who have heard of Ashes for the first time, let me provide you with some basic info. Ashes is a historic test series played between England and Australia that has its roots in 1883. An Ashes series consists of five Tests, hosted in turn by England and Australia at least once every two years. The Ashes are regarded as being held by the team that most recently won the series. If the series is drawn, the team that currently holds the Ashes retains the trophy. It must be noted though that the urn never has been the official trophy of the Ashes series.

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